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babykilla's Journal

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Welcome to the babykilla community.

This community is for for rap fans.
Post pictures, tour dates, stories, lyrics, whatever you want but keep it rap, dont go off posting your favorite allen jackson lyric or something.

If your not into rap then buzz off.

± The Breakdown ±

Ø FLAMING: Fight with whoever you want, it makes things more fun, but dont go calling people racial slurs or something harmful.

Ø KEEP ON THE TOPIC: Try and keep on the subject.

Ø NO SPAMMING: Dont post about other communities, I didnt make this to hear about your community.

Ø USE LJ-CUT: Don't be a retard we don't want to see 50 pictures and 400 lyrics.

Ø RULE VIOLATIONS: Break rules, or be just a flat out moron, and your out.


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