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[05 Feb 2004|11:01am]

is it just me...or did Brotha Lynch Hungs "Lynch By Inch: Suicide Note" double album sorta suck?
.rest in piss.

[04 Feb 2004|02:07am]

Join The Tech N9ne Online Team

[16 Dec 2003|07:48am]

[ mood | tired ]

december 21st / 8pm
the catalyst in santa cruz, ca

who id kill to get to santa cruz on sunday :p


[01 Jun 2003|02:45pm]

I love Tech N9ne... and he called me love yesterday... It made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is a fancy community... Glad to have joined it.
.rest in piss.

[28 Mar 2003|11:20pm]

[ mood | tipsy ]

oooh hello omar and community peeps!
Rap was the first thing I really got "into" (I used to be such a mini-wigga once apon a time!), but I sort of went off it for a while. Lately I've been hearing good stuff coming out so I guess I'd like to get back in touch with it, so yeh, this is probably a good place to start!!
I hope this isn't all about west coast rap (I'm assuming this because of where Omar is from but I could be totally wrong) because I really luff old wu tang stuff and blah blah.
I've had a few beers so I'm not sure what I'm trying to say but uhh this is my rambling hello message :P *bops*

.rest in piss.

[23 Mar 2003|01:28pm]

this shits pretty dead isnt it?

i think i might try and get some members or something.

anyone who pays attention hear the doomsday & lynch album that came out a few months back?


[23 Mar 2003|12:46pm]
me and my friend started a the name brooke is hott community. so if ur name is brooke or u wish ur name is brooke. join... _brookexisxhott
.rest in piss.

[17 Jan 2003|04:42pm]

[ mood | stupid. ]

i'm new.

i joined because i'm into natas. and uhh.. ya.

bye. ;D


Sycksyde, midevil.. [22 Oct 2002|09:46am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, I am new to this community. Thought I'd ask a question, and post an mp3 to go along with the name of the community.

First off, anybody here like SyCkSyDe, or the works of bOb e NiTe?

Also, my friend MidEvil did this track a few years ago, it's not professional, but it's underground :D

MidEvil - Baby Killer.mp3


Stalkin' like Jason [22 Oct 2002|12:28am]

I've been listening to "Wit A Mask On" tons this month. It's got me feeling all Halloweenish. heehee. That first verse by X is to die for. Damn, i need to replace my lost copy of Xorcist... Shite, come to think of it, it's been something like three years since i've heard a new Black Market Record. 'Last one i got was Noface Killaz, back when it was new.
.rest in piss.

[01 Jun 2002|08:20pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

ok, so yeah, this is the community for now.
i will make it look better later, and not like a normal journal.

.rest in piss.

o_O [01 Jun 2002|08:12pm]

just seeing how things look.
.rest in piss.

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